Alex Stone - Artist's Manifesto

Seeing beyond sight. That is the purpose of art.

Art is intended to show the workings of the soul. My vision is of fragile, isolated humans in a vast and arid landscape. This is not without humour, however, as peoples' foibles are thrown into sharp focus in this manner of representation.

People are tied to the land of their issue by 'Thinking strings.' These thinking strings are the guy ropes of the spirit, without which any life is meaningless. Thinking strings are implicit in all of my images.

Poetry takes a visual, as well as written, form. By the definition of this manifesto, all art that is valuable is presented in poetic idiom. Creative expression must be given its own air to breathe; and space for the receiver to float with freedom within the molecules of that air.

If the creative expression is a breeze, the person experiencing it is a sailboat, with the power to move with it, across it, even beat into it.

Poetry of different forms can be displayed simultaneously: there is duality in everything. Truth and untruth: Thinking Strings tie them together, at the point of duality - the point where halftruth exists in both directions.

Thinking Strings are remarkably elastic, and remarkably strong. We are made with this duality in mind, and our Thinking Strings wrap up the parcel of our wholeness.

Art is the journey along Thinking Strings, between and around our different states of being. It is nothing to be afraid of, for the journey is always within our own capabilities.

Connections are there to be made in my images, and all my work. Follow the maps therein to arrive at your own destinations.